Posted on July 14, 2009

Ricki White Gets Ass Fucked In This Tube Video From Ass Titans

Here's a slutty nurse with DD jugs and a comfy, 38 inch pushin' cushion?South California skank, Ricki White. Ricki has Sicilian, Native American and Irish roots and would love to own a White G35 Infinity. (Really?) She's proud of her perfect feet, size 6. She might get a tattoo someday. She likes to dick-swap and make-out with Renae Cruz. I could totally see her in Miami, mesmerizing some lucky mother-fucker with her Scorpio slut-power. Since entering the industry in July 2006, Ricki has done tons of films with all kinds of action, yet her favorite move is quite intimate?to stiffen a soft sock in her wet pussy. Ricki says she would spray a geyser of girl-juice if Ethan Hunt's hard dick bounced her ass...and I quote her directly, "There is nothing like having an orgasm from anal sex."

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